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Empowering the world's energy sector

since 1845
Pioneers in waste heat recovery
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global presence across industries

Delivering energy-efficient solutions
for a better planet
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The Greens Group

We are a global one-stop thermodynamic solutions provider for land and marine applications, empowering a large number of main stream industrial sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, iron and steel, construction and more.

Be it operations on land or at sea, our products and energy-efficient solutions have helped scores of industries conserve energy and resources and preserve the environment around them.

The Greens name has been synonymous with Waste Heat Recovery since the invention of the Fuel Economiser by Edward Green in 1845. Over the years, thanks to our technology leadership, manufacturing capabilities and vast experience in thermal engineering, we have developed a wide portfolio of products catering to a diverse range of industrial sectors. Explore our range of energy conservation products below.

Our Product Range

Our Projects

From the very first Fuel Economiser invented in 1845, to mega HRSG projects of today, our Waste Heat Recovery solutions have helped a diverse range of industries reproduce energy for indigenous consumption, increase energy efficiency, lower energy consumption costs, reduce dependence on external energy sources, decrease air pollution and bring down the production of greenhouse gases

Greens team

Why choose us?

Long Range Vision

  • High    Investments    in   people,    skills   and    expertise.
  • Focus on developing  advanced technology for continuous product improvement. 
  • Care   for   customer   satisfaction   and  product reliability.

Credibility, Integrity and Reliability

  • Several  decades of experience as Heat Transfer experts.
  • Worldwide sales and service network.
  • Greens  patented  machines  and   first  class  production  facilities. 
  • Greens   high   standard   products   at   high   production volumes. 
  • Facilities  located    for   easy access  to  main  shipping  ports.
  • Supply to  international  standards and codes of practice.
  • Experienced   technical    team   to   ensure an efficient, energy saving and emission reduction solution.