Greens and Sustainability

Delivering energy-efficient solutions

for a better planet

In the wake of ever increasing instances of climatic changes across the world and the rapidly escalating energy crisis – nations and industries  must now make concerted efforts to find more sustainable energy generation solutions to substantially reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Besides switching to cleaner forms of energy generation, the only way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is by making significant improvements in energy efficiency.

Energy recovery from industrial waste heat sources offers a significant contribution to improving overall energy efficiency in the  marine & off-shore and power & industrial sectors. 

As per International Energy Agency, about half of final energy consumption globally is used in the generation of heat. Fossil fuels provide around three quarters of this heat energy, which means that heat is responsible for a significant proportion of GHG.  

Thus, the decarbonisation of heat is not only essential but critical to achieving Net Zero targets.

At The Greens Group, we believe that the enormous potential of waste heat recovery still remains largely untapped in many parts of the world. Greens have been pioneers in the waste heat recovery technology, and over the years, we have gained unrivalled experience in each of the major decarbonisation of waste heat methodologies : waste heat to heat (WHTH); waste heat to cold (WHTC); waste heat to power (WHTP) as well as heat exchange and storage.

 As seasoned thermal application experts, we are continually developing innovative methodologies for waste heat recovery to maximize energy efficiency, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and bring down GHG emission levels. We stand commited to leaving behind a better planet for our future generations.